Adda - Youth Hangout

ADDA is the Youth Club @ New Life Fellowship, Whitefield

This is a club for the youth, by the youth, and of the youth. The prime aim of ADDA is to get the youth to focus on LIFE and live life abundantly.

Here young men and women come together to have a time of fellowship and fun learning about LIFE. The event happens once in a month and is packed with songs, action songs, dance, games, debates, and good food, all focused on providing the youth a safe haven for safe fun.

The ADDA also has a group of mentors and counsellors who are available listen to them and help them deal with their life issues including relationship challenges, work study life scenarios, college issues, etc.

Contemporary issues are debated and the same is facilitated by one of the mentors to bring out a LIFE LESSON

Come join us to have a life time of fun!

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