Costly Grace

Costly Grace

By Ps Jacob Cherian

Grace is the one of the fundamental attributes of God. As mentioned in Exodus 34:5-7, when God introduces Himself to Moses, He starts with Him being compassionate and gracious. 
God has been gracious throughout His Word. For an instance, as seen in the parable of “Prodigal Son” which actually speaks about how lavishly the Father is willing to pour out his love for his son who is so unworthy and covered in sin. 
God has always taken the first initiative in reaching and bringing salvation to the human kind. When asked to one of the great bible scholars, David Noel Freedman, as to how he can summarize the Old Testament in one sentence, his response was, “There is forgiveness”. 
God in His grace has always been forgiving that can be seen throughout in the old testament. Even if the grace of God to us was free, but it should not be mistaken to be cheap. God had to give the life of His only begotten Son for our salvation.
Cheap grace is without Discipleship – Dietrich Bonhoffer. 

Costly grace would cost us our very lives. 
Titus 2:11-14 says that grace teaches us to be spirit-led and God-like. 
2 evidences of Costly Grace working in our life are :
1. Grace leads us to be Christ-like and say “NO” to ungodliness 
Titus 3:5-7 states, God has given us the Holy Spirit as a “Divine Beautifier”, who transforms us. He washes and renews our lives so that having been justified, ‘by grace’ we have the hope of eternal life. It leads us more & more into the image of Christ.
2. Grace leads us to do good
When led in God-given grace, we are supposed to be devoted to do good, as Paul says in Titus 3:8.God has created us with a purpose i.e. to do good which He has created in advance. – Eph 2:10Our good works shall glorify God among the people and may those become a testimony that can bring them closer to Him.

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