God’s Master Plan :  To save you and me

God’s Master Plan : To save you and me

By Ps. George

God is love. 1 John 4:8
Love is not God.

Love is not love till u give it away.
For God so loved the world that He GAVE His only Son.
Love needs another being to receive.
Love demands that the receiver has the ability to receive this love and enjoy and reciprocate.
Love demands that the reciprocation is a free will decision.

God created man with Love in mind
So God gave away His love in creation
He gifted us FREE WILL

God made everything in 5days and He made a dwelling place on the 6th day.

The garden of Eden
For God: Love is Obedience
John 14:15 “ If you love Me, you will obey my commandments

The Next level of Love
God gave an option to Adam
He chose the devil and sin and death entered into the world.

The maker of Heaven and Earth ask Adam, “Where are you?” As He is separated by sin.

(Rom 5:12
1Cor 15:21
Isiah 59:2)

Man is sick.
To check the sickness, a thermometer is used.
God’s thermometer: the LAW of God.

The Great Misunderstandings
Man tried to follow the commands to please God
But they were given in order for man to figure out that he was sick and a sinner

(Rom 7:7
Rom 3:20
Gal 3:14)

Nothing that we do will save us
Money religion good works Baptism Commuion

Omelette with 2 rotten and 3 good eggs
A mixed worship can still not be received

Sin is the no.1 killer
Romans 6:23
Num 32:23
Psalms 51:5

Who is a sinner?
One who sins?
One who has the nature of sin.

Romans 6:23
The wages of sins is death

Rev 20:11-15

The great exchange
Romans 3:23
In exchange of sin that leads to death, a sinless man that can bring life

The Blood of the lam, cleanses ya of all the sins

Jesus died in the crisis for my sins.

(Isiah 50:6
Isiah 53:5
2Cor 5:21
John 3:16
Romans 5)
The is no other name under Heaven and on Earth by which we may be saved.

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