Robin Vaughan

Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Praise the lord.
I want to thank lord wholeheartedly for providing me this wonderful opportunity which is beyond which I was expecting regarding my Job. I was working for a Pune based MNC since last 4 years for one of their clients in Bangalore.
Everything was going well and the client – Tektronix for whom I was working wanted to take me directly on their payrolls on a permanent role rather than me working for them on contractual basis. I even very badly wanted this to happen. They tried for initial 2 Years, but my parent company did not accept my transfer in Tektronix. Even I prayed but God had some better plans for me. The third year I also tried by approaching the VP on my parent company, but things did not move ahead, and I gave up.
Then we came to know that the Project on which I was working on from last 4 years is going to move to a different technology and we would be coming on bench with no other projects as of now (Lord knew this beforehand, so he did not allow me to move from my parent company to the client). The bench policy of my parent company is very strict, they would allow us to be on bench without projects for 45 days meanwhile they will try to put us in any other project failing to do so they would ask us to leave the company.
Looking into the critical solution I started studying for interviews to be faced in some other company and God miraculously opened a gate in one of the biggest consultancy firm for my interview process and helped me to clear the interview in just one day all the rounds. I thank god for such an immediate help and blessing in my life which I was not worthy of. Thanks to lord almighty I would be joining the company on 28 June 2019 for a new professional experience.
Robin Vaughan

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