The death of Death

The death of Death

By Ps George

The Bible tells us that the wages of sin is death. The God of gods came to take my sins, and then took death with it. But death could not hold him down. Which brings us to the Resurrection Sunday.

The difference between mercy and grace : Mercy : we do not get what we deserve (death) Grace : we get what we didn’t deserve (heaven) No resurrection equals no Christianity (1Cor 15:17 Romans 6:9) The last enemy to destroy was death. Will you be going when he comes?! Perishable will put on imperishable Mortality will put on immortality Tent will be replaced by a building God will clothe us with a new body We shall have an Eternal house Not made with hands which Will not decay With the seal of the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:11) Mary Magdalene went to the grave of Jesus, expecting nothing in return from Him. Just to see a dead body. Just because she loved Him. What are you following Jesus for? He says, “And Behold, I am coming soon.” How are you waiting for Him?

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