2 different people who came to Jesus.

2 different people who came to Jesus.

-by Pastor Sunil

Luke 8:40 narrates the story of 2 different people who came to Jesus. 

1. Jairus –

He risks his reputation when he fell on the feet of Jesus, since he was a known man in the crowd that was following Jesus. He humbles himself, being a leader of the synagogue. Sometimes its easy for us to accept the issues we face than falling at the feet of Jesus.

Our desperate situations determine the kindof faith we speak to ourselves.

2. The lady with the discharge of blood for 12 years

She said that even if she touched the fringe of His garment, she would be healed, when Jairus pleaded Jesus to come home.

We need to speak the right kind of faith and then Act upon it.

When we speak the right kindof Faith, you cannot go unnoticed. 

(Luke 8:47)

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